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Designed, branded and rendered a reimagining of the office desk phone, a device that has not been challenged or significatly innovated on in recent years.

📍 Boston, Massachusetts

🛠️ UI / UX Design, Rendering, Branding, Research, Packaging

Pasted Graphic 69.png


Pasted Graphic 72_edited.jpg
Pasted Graphic 74.png
Pasted Graphic 75.png

Simplistic user interface and turn-style navigation

Spin outer dial for easy UI navigation

Pasted Graphic 76.png
Pasted Graphic 77.png

easier and quicker than a call

Press-to-talk with haptic, tactile feedback

Pasted Graphic 78.png

Touch screen allows for extended functionality in addition to traditional desk phone capabilities

Pasted Graphic 79.png

Seamless LED + User Interface integration

An intersection between physical and digital

Pasted Graphic 81.png

just pick it up

Take private calls,

*no mouth-to-mic contact needed

Pasted Graphic 82.png

Packaging resembles product

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