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The toy suitcase that teaches children to travel

Created a children's roleplaying suitcase designed to teach 3 - 6 year olds to travel with luggage. Doubles as a functioning suitcase with interactive elements to keep children entertained on the go.

📍 RISD, Toy Design Studio - Providence, RI

🛠️  UX Design, User Research, Material Design

Senior Couple in Airport


Children enjoy emulating their parents. From cooking toy sets to pretending to drive from the backseat of a car. The goal for Dynamo is to apply this thesis to travel, and create a toy that allows children to behave like their parents by copying the behavior of packing and looking after a suitcase.

Playful and Practical

The toy doubles as a functioning suitcase, and is made using durable and scratch-resistant material. Elements of the casing are made from white-board, allowing children to draw and remain entertained on the go.


Attention to detail, character design, aesthetic, and user experience is an integral part of this project. When the child pulls Dynamo's handle out, his ears perk up, like a real dog when you play with him!

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 9.29.08 PM.png

Dynamo opens up the door to a world of possibilities, from boardgames to practical education. Open the case to store travel essentials, or spend time playing doodling with the family. The possibilities are endless.

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