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Pocket Pet Health Monitor

Designed and built Pocket Pet, a gamified approach to health monitoring for all ages + designed the Pocket Pet companion app for user stats + insights, and parental tracking.

📍 RISD, Toy Design Studio - Providence, RI

🛠️  UI / UX Design, User Research, Softgoods

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Users passively squeeze and fidget with the toy like a stress ball. Meanwhile, it collects stress data, determines behaviors and monitors patterns.

By connecting their device to the toy, users can then view and monitor their health data.

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Accessories encourage play and creativity, and allow for adults to customize their Pocket Pets with the latest styles and trends, empowering users to express themselves without limits.

Each accessory was either 3D printed, injection molded, or hand crafted.

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Small and compact form and seamless mobile app integration makes Pocket Pet accessible to everyone




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4 yo, fidgets on trips,
can't sit still

14 yo, ADHD, anxious

24 yo, student + young professional, stressed

Children + Adults
Small, portable, convenient

More ways to play. All accessories are intractable with Pocket Pet.

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